18 September 14
  • Step Inside “The Fugue” with Lauren Boilini

                As a long-distance ocean swimmer, Lauren Boilini is used to the more terrifying aspects of the sea. Even so, while swimming twelve miles in a race in Key West this summer, she came upon what she thought at first was a feeding frenzy of fish, only to realize the ominous shadow was a six-foot tiger shark, and found herself both awed and afraid.

                 Like many artists, Boilini translates her experiences into her art, retelling the fear and energy of that moment on a grand scale with paint and charcoal. The result is work that at first envelops—almost drowns—the viewer, but later feels like the ocean itself— beautiful, repetitive, sublime.  

                 Metropolitan Gallery 250 is proud to partner with The Center for Emerging Visual Art (CFEVA) to present Lauren Boilini’s "The Fugue," a site-specific large scale installation—and the artist’s first solo exhibition—running October 11-26, 2014. This paint and charcoal piece will run along all four walls and the floor (and possibly the ceiling) and will be executed by Boilini in the weeks before the show. 

                 Boilini hails from Bloomington, Indiana, but has done residencies in Ireland, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Italy, Spain, Baltimore, Vermont and Key West, where she spent this past July as an artist-in-residence for The Studios of Key West. Boilini’s work for Metropolitan was inspired by her time there, which she describes as a place that is passionate in its support of art. “I didn’t expect it,” she said. “But Key West is incredibly beautiful, with a unique identity and soul. There is serious art there, and a very specialized community dedicated to empowering young artists.”


    Artist Lauren Boilini is a long distance ocean swimmer. She says she finds inspiration in physical action, indulging in pleasure and pain, searching for my limit. Read more about the “fearsome beauty” of her art in a profile by the Michigan Quarterly Review. Photo: Erin Stover-Sickmen.

                Boilini received her B.F.A. in Painting and Art History at the Kansas City Art Institute and completed her M.F.A. at the Mount Royal School of Art at MICA. In 2011, she completed a three-year residency at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson Theatre in Baltimore. In addition to her recent stay at The Studios of Key West, Boilini was an artist-in-residence at Canserrat in El Bruc, Spain in 2008.


    Artist Lauren Boilini, courtesy of Valerie Long.

     Boiling shared her thought on “The Fugue” with Breadhead:  

    In my current body of work I work with the idea of excess, when images of excess becomes meaningless and fall into the realm of pattern. This idea of gluttony is reflected in our current culture. We are a hedonistic society, always looking for more until the more we are looking for loses its meaning. I find inspiration in physical action, indulging in pleasure and pain, searching for my limit.

    My studio practice has consistently been large scale, mural-sized oil paintings, though I often work directly on the wall exploring painting as installation. The dimension of my work relates to the size of the human body and the potential for painting to physically overwhelm the viewer. I work directly on the wall as I experiment closely with the architecture making paintings that engage floor to ceiling. This site-specific installation at Metropolitan Gallery will be painted over the course of one week. 

                Research, reading and exploration are vital to my studio practice, consistently driving my work forward. I continuously seek and study epic narratives, creating my own for each work. I am fascinated with crowds of people converging in one space at one time. I am particularly intrigued by rituals that drive masses of beings to occupy the same space. I investigate various events and practices that bring large numbers of life forms together to discover how beings interact when driven together in mass quantities. This includes religious practices, festivals, holidays, political gatherings, Armageddon, the rapture, orgies, etc. Recently I have been drawn to images of battles and duels, where opposing forces fight for the same space. I am interested in what drives us to violence and destruction of life. The imagery for this exhibition comes from experiences at a recent residency at The Studios of Key West and thoughts about the concept of a feeding frenzy. A feeding frenzy occurs when predators are overwhelmed by the amount of prey available and lose control. I am interested in exploring this loss of control as a form of excess and a metaphor for our hedonistic society.

                “The Fugue” will run October 11-26, 2014 at Metropolitan Gallery 250, a non-profit gallery for emerging artists at 250 S.18th Street in Philadelphia. Hours are Saturdays and Sundays 11-4 and by appointment. For a private showing, contact Jessie Harris at (215) 545-6655.

               An opening reception will be held in conjunction with CFEVA on the evening of October 16th (hours TBD). Light refreshments will be provided by Metropolitan Bakery.


    Lauren Boilini’s “Sticky Fingers,” a site specific installation for School33 Arts Center in Baltimore, 2014.  To see a time-lapse video of how a large installation like this one are created, click here.

                For more info, visit http://laurenboilini.net/home.html.

                Media requests, including in-process interviews, can be directed to Stacey Himes at stacey@staceyhimes.com or 215-990-0619.


  • 12 September 14
  • Rosh Hashanah Offerings

    With the Jewish New Year just around the corner, our pastry team is busy baking test loaves of Crown Challah, perfecting Rugelach and trying their hand at Honey Cake (studded with almonds and dried pears), a new offering for this year’s Rosh Hashanah celebration.


    Apple Spice Bundt ($28), Flourless Chocolate Cake ($25.50) and Honey Cake ($29, pictured above) are available to pre-order for pick-up on Tuesday, September 23rd through Thursday, September 25th. Ordering deadlines are as follows:

    • Order by Saturday 9/20 at 12pm for all Tuesday 9/23 pick-ups
    • Order by Monday 9/22 at 2pm for all Wednesday 9/24 pick-ups
    • Order by Tuesday 9/23 at 2pm for all Thursday 9/25 pick-ups

    Note: Orders may not be placed, nor picked-up at Reading Terminal Market

    Reminder: Our Chestnut Hill location inside the Market at the Fareway is open Thursday through Sunday. If you wish to place an order for Chestnut Hill pick-up, please call 215-634-4100. Deadlines do apply.

                                      *All orders must be pre-paid*

    Crown Challah will be available on Tuesday, September 23rd through Friday, September 26th and is sold on a first come, first served basis.

           Plain Crown Challah $5.75 // Raisin Saffron Crown Challah $6.00

    Rugelach, Apple Coconut Macaroons and Hamentashen will also be available in stores beginning the afternoon of Tuesday 9/23. Like Challah, small sweets are sold first come, first served.

     Orders may be placed in person or over the phone. Give us a ring at 215-545-6655 — we are happy to guide you through our offerings!


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    10 September 14
  • Let’s Do Lunch… Your Place or Ours?

    Tired of the same old lunch? Try Metro for delicious soups, salads and sandwiches… all made daily right here in Philadelphia. 

    Your options are:

    1. Order in. Have lunch brought in to your next board meeting or corporate event. We offer brown bag lunches —- sandwich, fruit, cookie and a drink —- as well as sandwich trays, soups, vegetable foccacia and salads. Think house-roasted turkey, gruyere, chipotle aioli, smoked bacon, caramelized onion on a baguette or a roasted beet, fennel, feta, candied pumpkin seed and citrus vinaigrette salad.  View our catering menu for more information. Starting at $8.50pp.

    2. Have a seat in Metropolitan Cafe. With indoor and outdoor seating just steps from Rittenhouse Square at 264 S. 19th Street, Metropolitan Cafe is a great choice for a quick, healthy lunch. Choose from a rotating menu of sandwiches, soups, salads, egg dishes, vegetarian choices, sweets, bagels and the most delicious coffee and tea around. NOTE: In order to retain a pleasant experience for our lunchtime diners, take-out from the cafe is limited to 7:30am-12pm and 2pm-closing. During lunch hours, take out items are available from the Bakery, just next door at 262 S. 19th (see #3, below).

    3. Take out from Metropolitan Bakery. Don’t have time to sit down? Choose from a daily selection of soups and sandwiches from the recently expanded refrigerated section at the 19th Street Shop. You may also want to look out for our pizza and hand pies, available Wednesdays through Sundays while supplies last. Tea, coffee, seltzers, juice and water are also available — just remember to recycle the cups and bottles!


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    26 August 14
  • Metro Gallery 250: The Latest in Our Sidework Series is “FLAT” Debuting September 6th

    So you graduated with a degree from Temple’s Tyler School of Art—now what?

    Metropolitan Gallery 250 will answer just that as it kicks off its fall schedule with another show in its “Sidework Series"—which allows emerging artists who help finance their creativity by working in Philly restaurants—to show their work. Called "FLAT,"  the exhibit features printmaking and two sculptures from recent Tyler alumnae and Metropolitan Bakery employees Chris Capriotti and Kristen Snow.image

    Shown above: Cross Section of Maintenance Shaft: Outer Hull, Chris Capriotti, 2014

    FLAT is an opportunity for two very recent art school graduates to explore the world outside of structured academia,” said Bailey Chick, curator at Metropolitan Gallery 250. “As so many art school graduates can attest, the first few years out of school are as educational as the time spent in a structured studio. It is a moment when every artist has to configure their practice to be both sustainable and productive, and explore new techniques and mediums. For Kristen and Chris, this has meant adding printmaking to their repertoires.”  

    Capriotti, a native of Havertown who now lives in South Philly describes his process as “mainly intuitive.” He says: “I tend to develop ideas over time, and then physically work through them, going straight to making the work rather than planning. While I create a lot of work with cement and steel, a large part of my process and practice is not limiting myself to a set medium. I’ve always been a proponent of making the work that I need to be made, regardless of whether or not it’s a process or medium I’m familiar with.”

    Snow, whose mediums now include video, found object, curation and printmaking, says: “These works came to be through a methodical practice of release. Through a period of continual tension and anxiety I used this process of making to allow fluidity and instinct, rather than calculation and labored planning, to control my production.” She was raised in West Chester, but now lives in Philadelphia.  

    FLAT will run September 6th through September 28, 2014 at Metropolitan Gallery 250, a non-profit gallery for emerging artists at 250 S. 18th Street in Philadelphia. Hours are Saturdays and Sundays 11-4 and by appointment. 

    An opening reception will be held mid-show on Saturday, September 20th from 3-5pm. Light refreshments will be provided by Metropolitan Bakery.


    Shown above: “mild 5” by Kristen Snow.


    About artist Kristen Snow: http://cargocollective.com/kristenalycesnow.

    About artist Christopher Capriotti http://christophercapriotti.com.

    For a private showing of “FLAT,” contact Jessie Harris at (215) 545-6655.

    Press inquiries can be directed to stacey@staceyhimes.com.

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    19 July 14
  • Bailey Chick on Metropolitan Gallery 250


    Meet Bailey Chick, a graduate of Tyler School of Art, an active alumni of Temple’s rowing community, an experienced shift leader at Metropolitan Bakery, a full-time Administrative Coordinator at Crane Arts, creator of The Littlest Novice etsy shop, rescuer and owner of the adorable pup pictured above, and curator of Metropolitan Gallery 250. To say she’s a busy woman is quite the understatement.

    Bailey has been making art in one capacity or another since she was able to hold a crayon. It wasn’t until after college that she considered the idea of curating; an opportunity that arose from a long-time dream of Wendy Born.

    There is a lot of cross-over between the food scene and the art world in Philadelphia, so James and I wanted to create a place where emerging artists could sell their work, and be supported by restaurants and other small businesses,” said Born, who owns Metropolitan Bakery along with baker James Barrett. “We hope all our customers, friends and colleagues will support and be inspired by these great young local artists.”

    Born identified Bailey’s desire to learn and grow as a curator, and together they founded Metropolitan Gallery 250 in October 2012. After thirteen successful exhibitions, Bailey can confidently say she is ready for more.

    I’d like to continue curating, facilitating exhibitions and fostering art-making in the future, passions which have been solidified in me while working with Wendy Born, Jessie Harris and Dani Sigel on Metropolitan Gallery 250.”


    Bailey’s goals for the gallery:

    "Metro Gallery 250’s original mission statement revolved around showing local, emerging artists and providing a particular focus on artists who work in the food industry. That mission has not changed much since October 2012; it is has simply expanded. We now can say we actively seek out and provide a unique exhibition space for local designers and organizations who support public school art programs.

    As we gear up for the 2014/15 season, I look forward to working with some phenomenal locals artists including some very talented Metro employees and the teachers and students of Fresh Artists. Collaborating with CFEVA during POST and featuring one of their fellows is always a highlight, and we have several solo shows planned for early spring 2015, including our first ever video artist. 

    It has always been my goal to have an alternative space, not simply a white wall gallery. A space whose calendar does not only feature great art, but is also varied and challenging, and I think this coming year is on the right track.”

    "Like" Metropolitan Gallery 250 on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all future exhibitions and collaborations.

    To view Bailey’s portfolio, click here.

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