19 July 14
  • Bailey Chick on Metropolitan Gallery 250


    Meet Bailey Chick, a graduate of Tyler School of Art, an active alumni of Temple’s rowing community, an experienced shift leader at Metropolitan Bakery, a full-time Administrative Coordinator at Crane Arts, creator of The Littlest Novice etsy shop, rescuer and owner of the adorable pup pictured above, and curator of Metropolitan Gallery 250. To say she’s a busy woman is quite the understatement.

    Bailey has been making art in one capacity or another since she was able to hold a crayon. It wasn’t until after college that she considered the idea of curating; an opportunity that arose from a long-time dream of Wendy Born.

    There is a lot of cross-over between the food scene and the art world in Philadelphia, so James and I wanted to create a place where emerging artists could sell their work, and be supported by restaurants and other small businesses,” said Born, who owns Metropolitan Bakery along with baker James Barrett. “We hope all our customers, friends and colleagues will support and be inspired by these great young local artists.”

    Born identified Bailey’s desire to learn and grow as a curator, and together they founded Metropolitan Gallery 250 in October 2012. After thirteen successful exhibitions, Bailey can confidently say she is ready for more.

    I’d like to continue curating, facilitating exhibitions and fostering art-making in the future, passions which have been solidified in me while working with Wendy Born, Jessie Harris and Dani Sigel on Metropolitan Gallery 250.”


    Bailey’s goals for the gallery:

    "Metro Gallery 250’s original mission statement revolved around showing local, emerging artists and providing a particular focus on artists who work in the food industry. That mission has not changed much since October 2012; it is has simply expanded. We now can say we actively seek out and provide a unique exhibition space for local designers and organizations who support public school art programs.

    As we gear up for the 2014/15 season, I look forward to working with some phenomenal locals artists including some very talented Metro employees and the teachers and students of Fresh Artists. Collaborating with CFEVA during POST and featuring one of their fellows is always a highlight, and we have several solo shows planned for early spring 2015, including our first ever video artist. 

    It has always been my goal to have an alternative space, not simply a white wall gallery. A space whose calendar does not only feature great art, but is also varied and challenging, and I think this coming year is on the right track.”

    "Like" Metropolitan Gallery 250 on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all future exhibitions and collaborations.

    To view Bailey’s portfolio, click here.

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    17 July 14
  • Our University City Shop Announces New Drink Specials and Vegan Sandwiches


    Stop in for a refreshing summer iced drink or an exotic new espresso drink, now available at the 40th & Walnut shop & café! 

    The Lemon Lavender Fizz or Strawberry Coconut Lemonade will cool you off in a flash. And if it’s chocolate you’re craving, why not indulge in an Iced Almond Joy Latte?

    On those not-so-hot mornings, our baristas can fix you up with the new Coconut Mocha or Honey Lavender Latte.


    Hungry and looking for something tasty and vegan? Join us for Tofupalooza!

    The new Thai Tofu Wrap and Vegan Burrito are packed with veggies, spicy marinated tofu, housemade Asian Ginger dressing, and are served on your choice of a wheat, white, spinach or tomato wrap.

    Questions? Give us a ring at 215-222-1492 or visit the shop, located at 4013 Walnut Street.

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    13 June 14
  • 2014 Staff Graduates

    Amongst last month’s excitement, five of our sales associates adorned cap and gown to receive their undergraduate diplomas. It is our pleasure to not only recognize their hard work at Metropolitan, but to share their accomplishments with you, our ever-supportive community.

    TC Shillingford


    TC has been a member of the Metro family since May of 2013. A graduate of Temple University with a degree in philosophy, he enjoys distance running, chess and a good argument.

    Have you ever caught a glimpse of the Latin text on TC’s right arm and wondered the meaning? From Vergil’s Aeneid, it reads: forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit, which is a gorgeous and famous line of poetry, of hardship endured, translated by the great Robert Fitzgerald as, "Some day, perhaps, remembering even this will be a pleasure."

    Julianne Adamko


    Julianne joined the Metro team in December 2013. Originally
    from Easton, PA, Julianne knew she wanted to attend Temple University for its big city vibe; a decision she’s never regretted. After studying abroad in London, the importance of travel was instilled along with the need to always express herself creatively. 

    When not behind the counter at Metropolitan, Julianne enjoys watching movies, spending time with her cat and exploring Philadelphia with friends.

    Julianne graduated with a degree in advertising with a focus in art. Check out some of her work, here.

    Chris Capriotti


    Chris earned his BFA with a concentration in sculpture from Tyler School of Art. A Metro-associate since January 2014, Chris enjoys reading, biking, writing and printmaking when not manning our stand at Reading Terminal Market.

    To view Chris’ work, click here.

    Becky Berger


    Originally from Allentown, PA, Becky moved to Philadelphia to attend Temple University. In January 2014, Becky joined the Metro team, working part-time while finishing out her senior year. Now with a degree in advertising and a minor in psychology, Becky has more time to focus on ceramics, gardening, reading and listening to music (the good kind).

    Fun facts: Becky is an animal loving vegetarian who aspires to travel the world.

    Kristen Snow


    Kristen began working with us in April 2014, just as her undergraduate career came to a close. A graduate of Tyler School of Art, Kristen earned her BFA with a concentration in sculpture. When not working at Metro, the West Chester, PA native spends her time cooking, hiking, working on bikes, and of course riding them.

    Check out Kristen’s portfolio, here.

    And very recently, our staff acquired a handful of fresh Temple grads whom we would also like to acknowledge:

    Quinn Lashinsky, Bachelor of Arts in Theater

    Michelle Bezik, Bachelor of Science in Architecture

    Nicole Soll, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

                               Congratulations to the class of 2014!

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    4 June 14
  • Metropolitan Gallery 250 Presents “Fresh Artists” Show & Sale to Benefit Art in Philadelphia Schools

    Metropolitan Gallery 250 is proud to host new artwork created by Philadelphia schoolchildren as part of the Fresh Artists program, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to saving art instruction in our public schools. The show and sale will run June 6-8 from 11am to 7pm, the same weekend as the Rittenhouse Square Art Show. In addition, Fresh Artists will take over the Metropolitan Bakery window starting June 5th.


    Just because these artists are kids, don’t underestimate the work,” said Bailey Chick, curator of Metropolitan Gallery 250. “We encourage everyone to stop by and be amazed by their talent, dedication and generosity.”



    With the goal to save access to art for all children, Fresh Artists engages children as full partners in philanthropy, inviting them to participate in fundraising by making their art available to people and corporations who, in turn, invest money into their schools. The money raised is used to purchase and deliver innovative art programs and supplies directly to art teachers in severely under-funded public schools.

    Deva Watson, lead art teacher at Philadelphia’s Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School and co-founder of Fresh Palates to Palettes, takes her students to some of the top dining rooms in Philadelphia (Pub & Kitchen, Sbraga, Vernick to name a few) and teaches the art of still-life painting from one of the Chef’s signature dishes. Afterward, the students are invited to dine with the Chef and to taste the meal they just painted.


    With the help of Fresh Artists’ Barbara C. Allen, Watson accepts donations in exchange for high resolution, enlarged photographs of the children’s finished artwork.  

    All proceeds from the Metropolitan Gallery 250 sale are donated directly to Fresh Artists; the non-profit Metropolitan Gallery 250 does not take a commission.

     For more information, or to make a donation, visit www.freshartists.org.

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    15 May 14
  • The Mighty Fava Bean


    Fava beans usually emerge in early spring, bringing their sweet, rich flavor to salads, sauces and spreads. But this year, they got a late start due to the hard winter so it’s not too late to enjoy all this versatile and healthy bean has to offer.

    Americans have been eating fava beans since colonial times, but the beans were first cultivated in the Mediterranean as early as 6000 BC. Despite the name, fava beans aren’t really beans; they are members of the pea family. Their density makes them a great source of protein—about 13 grams per serving—as well as great sources of thiamin, vitamin K and B-6, potassium, copper, selenium, zinc, magnesium, and of course, fiber.

    Usually, fava beans have to be peeled twice: once to remove them from the pod and once to remove the outer peel, which has a woody texture and detracts from the buttery feel of the inner bean. And though some hard-core fava lovers feast on raw favas and a hunk of pecorino, most of us prefer them cooked. At Metropolitan, we shuck them, blanch them and peel the waxy outer cover.

    When shopping for favas as the market, look for firm pods that feel soft or smooth on the side. The fuller, more mature pods will have larger, starchier beans inside. You can find them at most farmer’s markets in April and May, but they are usually gone by mid-June.

    So don’t wait—try cooking with favas at home today. Saveur shows you how to grill them in their pods; Food & Wine offers a nice fennel and fava salad, while Martha Stewart offers an array of recipes, from spreads to soup.

    Or, stop by Metropolitan Café, where we’re currently serving a fava bean and asparagus salad featuring caramelized cippolini, pecorino cheese and arugula (above). It’s a well-deserved taste of spring.


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